Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


·2018 International Workshop on Superconducting Materials for Applications was held in IEE [2018-10-17]
·The Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS and the Swedish Energy Agency jointly hosted the 3rd Mission Innovation IC#1 Smart Grids deep-dive Workshop [2018-10-09]
·Yunnan Luxi ± 350kV/1000MW VSC-HVDC Back to Back Asynchronous Interconnected Grid Project has been put into operation [2016-09-05]
·The IEE Successfully Passed the Acceptance Check for Beijing Municipal Engineering Laboratory Innovation Capability Construction Project [2016-03-29]
·Test Laboratory of Solar Thermal Power System of IEECAS Officially Launched [2016-02-29]
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Int’l Cooperation News
·The 2016 Global Energy Prize Nominator [2016-09-19]
·Two technicians of IBIDEN Visited Solar Thermal Power Plant [2015-05-26]
·IEECAS Obtained the International Accreditation for Primary Photovoltaic Reference Cell Calibration [2014-04-22]
·Canada-China Clean Energy and Smart Grids Symposium held in IEE,CAS [2012-08-15]
·The Delegation of Research Council of Oman visited IEE,CAS [2011-04-14]
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Upcoming Events
·A lecture was given by IEEE distinguished lecturer Steven Gold at the IEE [2017-08-18]
·An academic speech “Thermal Analysis of Power Electronic and Electrical Assemblies and The Cooling Solutions” was given [2016-09-14]
·An academic speech named “Nanodefect Configurations via Strain-Mediated Assembly for Optimized Vortex-Pinning in HTS Wires from 4.2K-77K”was given [2016-07-22]
·The lecture about "new vistas of plasma nanoscience" was given at the IEE [2016-07-06]
·The Lecture on “The HTS Conductor and Magnet Development Program at the NHMFL” was given by the famous Superconducting Professor David C. Larbalestier [2016-06-20]
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Academic actvities
·International Lecture Notice: Neutron Scattering Investigation and Static High Magnetic Field [September 25, 2018] [2018-10-09]
·International Lecture Notice: Data-driven spectral analysis for nanomaterial information embed in the secondary electron background [2018-09-12]
·International Lecture Notice: Electrochemical growth of telluride compounds and preparation of tiny thermoelectric energy conversion devices [May 18, 2018] [2018-09-12]
·International Lecture Notice: Neutron Scattering Investigation and Static High Magnetic Field [September 14, 2018] [2018-09-12]
·International Lecture Notice: Introduction to Superconducting Magnet Technology and Selected Applications [09:30am, October 27, 2017] [2017-10-26]
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