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The International Training Program on Solar Thermal Power Technology along the Belt and Road

In order to respond to the Belt and Road initiative, promote the research capacaity of researchers in the field of solar thermal power technology along the Belt and Road and developing countries, and facilitate long-term scientific and technological cooperation and academic dialogue among people of these countries, the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Chinsese Academy of Sciences (IEECAS) will carry out the international training program on Solar Thermal Power Technology.

This training program is funded by the International Cooperation Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and organized by the IEECAS. The details are as follows:

1. Trainee Registration Requirements

1) A total of 20 scientific and technological personnel, scientific research managers and government officials in charge of science and technology from research institutes in the developing countries along the “Belt and Road” in Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, etc;

2) Engaged in energy related technology, more than 2 years of work or scientific research experience is preferred;

3) Skilled in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;

4) In sound health, with no infectious diseases, mental health disorders, severe hypertension or other significant cardiovascular and cerebrovascular conditions a health certificate or physical examination form issued by the public hospital of the country required;

5) Required to respect and adhere to the organizer’s management guidelines and comply with Chinese laws and regulations throughout the duration of the training period.

2. Contents of Training

Part 1: Classroom teaching

1) Basic knowledge of solar thermal power technology;

2) Tower, trough, linear Fresnel and dish solar thermal power system and key component technology;

3) System design, operation and maintenance and system simulation technology of solar thermal power plant;

4) Solar thermal storage technology;

5) Solar thermochemistry and solar fuel technology;

6) Performance test technology of solar thermal power system and key components;

7) Technical salons and academic exchanges.

Part 2: Professional internship

1) On-site teaching and practice training at Yanqing solar thermal power base of IEECAS. The facilities include 1MW solar tower power plant, 1MW parabolic trough power plants and solar thermal power system and its key-components-performance Test Center;

2) On-site teaching and practice training at Huangdi City solar energy cross-season heat storage and heating project base of IEECAS. The facilities include large-scale cross-season pit heat storage, heliostat field, flat plate solar collector, etc.

3. Basic Information

1) Date: September 3-172023;

2) Venue: IEECAS Meeting Room;

3) Language: English;

4) Number of trainees:20.

4. Expenses Statement

1) No training fee will be charged; accommodation ( (generally in a two-bed standard hotel room) and transportation during the training period will be arranged uniformly and provided free of charge; The IEECAS will cover the international traveling expense (economic class, maximal four thousands RMB).

2) Unified purchase of personal accident insurance premiums for trainees during the training period will be guaranteed;

3) Expenses unrelated to training shall be borne by the trainees.

5.Completion and Certificate Issuance

1) The trainees are required to submit a personal learning summary report at the end of the training course;

2) Certificates will be issued to those who pass the evaluation.

6. Details of Registration

1) Registration deadline: July 18, 2023;

2) Registration method:

Fill in the application form (Annex 1) and send an electronic copy to;

3) Since the training involves on-site visits and practice activities, in order to ensure the training results and provide more national technical personnel with training opportunities, the organizing institute will finalize the list of participants according to the registration order and the number of registrations received from each country. In principle, no more than 3 participants per country are allowed.

7. Training Schedule (see Annex 2 for details)

8. Contact Information

Contact: Dongqiang Lei


Address: Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, No.6 Beiertiao Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing

Zip Code: 100190



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