Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

“Hundred Plan” Employment Statement

Institute of Electrical Engineering

Chinese Academy of Sciences


I. Employer Information

Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Science was founded in 1958. Today, it is the only national research institute in electrical engineering and related scientific fields, and the only institute in energy field among pilot special institutes of Chinese Academy of Science. The institute is committed to research and development of key science and technology for Chinese future energy industry. It consists of six laboratories and one research center: Laboratory of Renewable Energy; Laboratory of New technology for Power Equipment; Laboratory of Power Electronics and Power Conversion; Laboratory of DC Power Grid Science and Technology; Laboratory of Superconductors and New Materials; Laboratory of Bioelectromagnetics and Electromagnetic Detection Technology ; and Interdisciplinary Research Center.

The institute is mainly intended for research of strategic high technology in electric energy field, and is enhancing cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in electrical science, material, information, biological and nano technologies. It has become a core and key research institute in new energy utilization, intelligent power grid, electrical motor, power electronics and electrical drive, applied superconducting technology and cutting-edge interdisciplinary electrical science in China, and has high reputation and wide influence in international colleagues. It has created a lot of research achievements in large electrical motor evaporation and cooling technology, solar energy and wind energy power generation and grid connection technology, solar energy thermal power generation technology, micro power grid and energy storage, electric automobile and rail transit traction power supply and control technology, pulse power technology, electromagnetic propulsion technology, superconducting power technology, superconducting magnet technology, magnetic resonance imaging technology, electron beam exposure technology, and made various important research achievements in fundamental sciences such as solar cells, superconducting materials, biological electromagnetics and micro/nano machining.

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II. Positions Wanted

1. Type A positions under Hundred Plan: researchers, key academic leaders (renewable energy new utilization research)

2. Type B positions under Hundred Plan: senior engineers (new energy, materials and applications, renewable energy new utilization)


III. Role of Positions

1. Key academic leader: development of strategic and prospective planning; management and leadership of research team; contribution to major breakthroughs and major innovations with high influence; organization of international academic communication; extension of influence of this field in international scientific community; education of young scientists.

2. Senior engineer: ability and experiences to lead team to complete national and institute’s key projects; development of high technology; solution for engineering and technical problems; key technical modification and upgrading of large instruments and equipments; independent research and development; good technical supports for scientific research; education of young engineers and technologists.


IV. Qualifications and Requirements

1. Type A positions under “Hundred Plan”: experiences as professor or similar position in overseas famous university, international famous research institute or enterprise; deep academic competence in this scientific field; wide international academic influence; wide recognition by international colleagues; young and competent; ability to lead and manage team.

2. Type B positions under “Hundred Plan”: young and middle-aged elites with learning of key technology; research and development of engineering technology overseas, or construction of key scientific installation, research and development of key instruments and equipments and similar work experiences for 3 years or longer; ability to solve key technical problems and drive technical innovation; first-class achievement in scientific research.

3. Good academic morality; proper academic behavior; honesty and integrity; strictness in study.


V. Available Supports

1.     The institute provides pro rata fund for research project in addition to fund provided from national sponsor.

2.     Good research and office environment; privilege to educate postgraduate students.

3.     Salary is negotiable; special position allowance, competitive salary, favorable benefits including social security, housing reserve, housing allowance, commercial medical insurance and meal subsidy.

4.     Registration as legal resident; enrolment into formal staffing; schooling for child and employment for spouse.

5.     Housing in apartment.


VI. Contact Information for Job Application

Contact Person: Teacher Sun, Teacher Wang

Zip Code: 100190                Phone: 86-10-82547014



VII. Job Application Deadline and Instructions

1. Information and documents to be provided for job application:

1) Resume (including major work achievements, contact information and recent bareheaded photo);

2) Innovations and comments in past researches (evidences are required for external comments); future career plan;

3) 3 recommendation letters from foreign colleagues;

4) Relevant evidences (evidences for key achievements, titles in Chinese and foreign institutes/enterprises, education, awards, essay retrieve, patents, leadership of research projects etc.)

2. This employment opportunity is open for long time.