Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


1.     Lab. of Renewable Energy

lDepartment of Renewable Generation System

lDepartment of Solar Thermal Utilisation

lDepartment. of Solar Cell Technology

lDepartment. of Ocean Energy Conversion Technologies

lPhotovoltaic and Wind Power System Quality Test Centre

2.     Lab. of New Technology for Power Equipment

lDepartment. of New Technology for Power Equipment

3.     Lab. of Power Electronics and Power Conversion

lDepartment. of High Power Electronics and Linear Drive Technology

lDepartment. of High Power Density Electrical Drive and Electrical Vehicle Technology

lDepartment. of Vehicle Energy Systems and Control Technology

lDepartment. of Science and Technology of Extreme Electromagnetic Environment

lDepartment. of Energy Efficiency & Reliability of Electrical Systems

4.     Lab. of  Application Research for Superconductors and New Materials

lDepartment. of Superconducting Power Application and New Power Transmission Technology

lDepartment. of Superconducting Magnet and High Magnetic Field Application

lDepartment. of Superconducting and New Energy Materials

lDepartment. of Micro-nano Fabrication Technology and Intelligent Electronic Devices

5.     Lab. of Electromagnetics and Bio-Electromagnetic Detection Technology

lDepartment. of Bio-electromagnetic Technology

lDepartment. of Engineering Electromagnetism and Application Technology

lDepartment. of Electromagnetic Information Detection and Imaging Technology

6.     Lab. Of Power System Technology

lDepartment. of Power System Technology

lDepartment. of Industrial Computation and Simulation 

7.     Interdisciplinary Research Centre

lCentre of Interdisciplinary Research