Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Academic actvities

Academic actvities

·Prof. Thomas G. Habetler From Georgia Institute of Technology Visited IEE [2019-08-27]
·International Lecture Notice: Neutron Scattering Investigation and Static High Magnetic Field [September 25, 2018] [2018-10-09]
·International Lecture Notice: Data-driven spectral analysis for nanomaterial information embed in the secondary electron background [2018-09-12]
·International Lecture Notice: Electrochemical growth of telluride compounds and preparation of tiny thermoelectric energy conversion devices [May 18, 2018] [2018-09-12]
·International Lecture Notice: Neutron Scattering Investigation and Static High Magnetic Field [September 14, 2018] [2018-09-12]
·International Lecture Notice: Introduction to Superconducting Magnet Technology and Selected Applications [09:30am, October 27, 2017] [2017-10-26]
·International Lecture Notice: Smart Grid Optimization Supported by Data Analytics and Energy Storage [14:00pm, October 23, 2017] [2017-10-23]
·International Lecture Notice: Development of a High Average Current Thermionic Injector for an Energy Recovery Linac [9:30am, August 3, 2017] [2017-07-26]
·International Lecture Notice: Linear Fresnel – a Concentrating Solar Power Technology to Advance Energy Innovation [9:00am, July 26, 2017] [2017-07-24]
·International Lecture Notice: Light interacting with nanostructures and the applications in the structural colors and optoacoustic converse [9:00am, July 12, 2017] [2017-07-10]
·International Lecture Notice: Plasma-synergistic effects: catalysing collaborations from energy to health [14:30pm, July 12, 2017] [2017-07-10]
·International Lecture Notice [9:00am, April 13, 2017] [2017-04-12]
·International Lecture Notice [9:00am, October 19, 2016] [2016-10-18]
·International Lecture Notice [10:30am, September 9, 2016] [2016-09-07]
·International Lecture Notice [09:30am, June 28, 2016] [2016-06-27]
·International Lecture Notice [13:30pm, June 23, 2016] [2016-06-21]
·IEE is taking the domestic leading position in achieving a 24 T all superconducting magnet [2016-05-19]
·International Lecture Notice [10:00am, March 22 (Tuesday), 2016] [2016-03-21]
·IEECAS Obtained the International Accreditation for Primary Photovoltaic Reference Cell Calibration [2014-04-22]
·Dr.Victor F. Tarasenko awarded the Visiting Professor for Senior International Scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences [2012-09-05]