Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Academic actvities

Academic actvities

·Prof. Thomas G. Habetler From Georgia Institute of Technology Visited IEE [2019-08-27]
·International Lecture Notice: Data-driven spectral analysis for nanomaterial information embed in the secondary electron background [2018-09-12]
·International Lecture Notice: Electrochemical growth of telluride compounds and preparation of tiny thermoelectric energy conversion devices [May 18, 2018] [2018-09-12]
·International Lecture Notice: Smart Grid Optimization Supported by Data Analytics and Energy Storage [14:00pm, October 23, 2017] [2017-10-23]
·International Lecture Notice: Development of a High Average Current Thermionic Injector for an Energy Recovery Linac [9:30am, August 3, 2017] [2017-07-26]
·International Lecture Notice: Linear Fresnel – a Concentrating Solar Power Technology to Advance Energy Innovation [9:00am, July 26, 2017] [2017-07-24]
·Professor Haifeng Wang from Queen’s University of Belfast Visited Frontier Forum of Institute of Electrical Engineering [2012-09-05]
·The fourth symposium of magnetotactic bacteria research and its application (2011) organized by IEE,CAS [2011-09-09]
·Prof. Victor Tarasenko Visiting IEE, CAS [2010-08-23]
·Experts from SuperPower Inc. were invited to IEE-CAS to give a talk [2009-08-05]
·2008 Sanya International CSP Forum Held in Sanya, Hainan China [2009-08-05]
·Japanese Superconducting Experts Dr. S. Awaji and Dr. G. Nishijima Visited IEE [2009-08-05]
·Prof. H. Kumakura Invited by IEE as a Visiting Professor [2009-08-05]
·Superconducting Specialist Professor Baorong Ni visited IEE [2009-08-05]