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Name Luguang Yan Date of Birth 1935.7   
Sex Male  Degree  
Place of Birth   Professional Title Academician 
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Other Title:(1) Research Professor (since 1986) and Chairman of Scientific Committee (since 1989) of Institute of Electrical Engineering, Academia Sinica.
(2) Chairman of Energy Research Council of Academia Sinica (since 1993)
(3) President of Ningbo University (1999-2004)
Research Directions:For a long time he is working on the development of special electrical equipments and on the research and development of new technology in electrical engineering in China. His main working areas include: High Pulse Power; Fusion Electrical Engineering: Superconducting Electrical Engineering; Magneto hydrodynamic Power Generation and Ship Propulsion; Renewable Energy; High-speed Magnetic Levitation Train. Many important achievements have been made in these corresponding areas.
In the field of high magnetic field technology and application, quite long, wide and systematic research and development work has been made to promote the high-field R&D level close to the international standard. During 1960’s and first part of 1970’s, he initiated the R&D of high energy inductive energy storage system in China, led the successful construction of the 6×107J Hefei normal-conducting inductive energy storage facility. He led the R&D and construction of the electromagnetic system of the Chinese first tokamak CT-6 in Beijing, took part in the design of the Hefei CT-8 tokamak and the test of the high field FT-tokamak in Frascatic. Since middle of 1970’s, in the field of applied superconductivity, he did many research on the basic problem of application, such as: magnet stability, normal zone propagation, quasi-force-free magnet and low-purity holmium core, led the development and construction of several superconduting magnet systems for practical use, such as: magnet systems for experimental MHD generator, for 300kw homopolar generator, for monocrystal furnace, superconducing high-gradient magnetic separator, these works led the superconducting magnet technology in China to reach the stage of practical application. During 1990’s he organized and led the development and successful construction of 1 m bore, 1.5KG large permanent magnet for Anti-matter Spectrometer (AMS) in space.
Since the beginning of 1990’s, he actively promoted the development of new technology in electrical engineering in several aspects. He organized the whole MHD power generation work of the National High Technology Program (863 Program), initiated the MHD ship propulsion work in China, led the development and successful construction of the HEMS-1 superconducting helical channel MHD model ship. He studied the strategic position of the high-speed magnetic levitated train in China’s passenger transport system, it promoted the development of high-speed maglev in China. He also actively promoted the renewable energy power generation work in China.
Education and Work Experiences:1. Graduated from Moscow Power Institute in 1959, department of electro-energetics.
2. Worked as visiting scholar at Frascati Nuclear Research Center, Italy, from Nov.1975 till May 1976.
3. Worked as guest scientist at Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center, Germany from March 1983 till April 1984
4. Worked as guest scientist at High Energy Physics Laboratory, Japan from Jan. till March 1987.
Awards:For his scientific and technological achievements, he got totally 9 national awards from government and Academia Sinica, i.e:
1) 60 MJ Inductive Energy Storage Facility (1978).
2) CT-6 Tokamak and its Experiment (1978).
3) Superconducting Magnetic Separation Sample-test Facility (1989)
4) Industrial Prototype Superconducting Magnetic Separator for Kaolin Clay Beneficiation (1993)
5) 4T, 40cm Warm Bore Superconducting Saddle Magnet for MHD Power Generation (1994).
6) 300Kw Superconducting Homopolar Generator (1994)
7) Study on Practical Engineering Technology of Superconducting mine sweeper (1995)
Publications:Totally he has more than130 papers published, among them over 70 in english, the main selected publications are:
1) “Study on CT-6 Tokamak (I), Development of the Experimental Facility and its Adjustment”. Acta Physica Sinica, Vol.29, No.5, pp.577-587 (1980) (in Chinese);
2) “Experimental Investigation on Wax-filled Superconducting Solenoids”, IEEE Trans. MAG-17 (5),pp. 1638-1641 (1981);
3) “A Superconducting Toroidal Magnet with Quasi-Force Free Configuration”. IEEE Trans. MAG-19 (3),pp324-327 (1983)
4) “Stability of the TESPE Superconducting Torus Magnets”. IEEE Trans. MAG-21 (1), PP.253-256 (1985)
5) “Study on Low-Purity Holmium Core for High Field Superconducting Solenoid”. Proc. ICEC-12, pp869-873 (1988)
6) “Stability Experience of High Current Density Magnets with Narrow LHe Channel Cooling”. Cryogenics, Vol.31, pp.580-584 (1991)
7) “Solar Energy in China”, National Report to the world Solar Summit High-Level Expert Meeting, UNESCO, Paris France (1993)
8) “Progress and National Program of MHD Power Generation in China”. Proc. Of 32nd Symposium on Engineering Aspects of Magneto-hydrodynamics (32nd SEAM), section 1, (1994)
9) “Laboratory Test of an Industrial Superconducting Magnetic Separator for Kaolin-clay Purification” IEEE Trans. MAG-30, No4, pp.2499-2502 (July 1994)
10) “A Saddle Superconducting Magnet for Experimental MHD Generator”. IEE Trans. MAG-30 (4), pp.2495-2498 (1994).
11) “Recent Progress of Applied Superconductivty in China”. Cryogenics, Vol. 35, No.12, pp.1-22 (1995);
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13) “Development and Test of a 300kw Supercondueting Homopolar Generator”, IEEE Trans. MAG-32 No.4, pp.2280-2283 (July 1996)
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19) “Technology of the High-Speed Magnetic Levitated Vehicle and its Strategic Position China’s Passenger Transport”. Science and Technology Review, No.134 (8/1999), pp.34-38 (1999) (in Chinese)