Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

·A lecture was given by IEEE distinguished lecturer Steven Gold at the IEE [2017-08-18]
·An academic speech “Thermal Analysis of Power Electronic and Electrical Assemblies and The Cooling Solutions” was given [2016-09-14]
·An academic speech named “Nanodefect Configurations via Strain-Mediated Assembly for Optimized Vortex-Pinning in HTS Wires from 4.2K-77K”was given [2016-07-22]
·The lecture about "new vistas of plasma nanoscience" was given at the IEE [2016-07-06]
·The Lecture on “The HTS Conductor and Magnet Development Program at the NHMFL” was given by the famous Superconducting Professor David C. Larbalestier [2016-06-20]
·The Lecture on the Theme of Hydrogen Fuel Cells made by Prof. Rui Chen of Loughborough University [2016-03-29]
·Lecture Notice [2010-11-01]
·NEDO Delegation of Japan visited IEE, CAS [2010-01-18]
·2008 Sanya International CSP Forum Held in Sanya, Hainan China [2009-08-05]
·Japanese Superconducting Experts Dr. S. Awaji and Dr. G. Nishijima Visited IEE [2009-08-05]
·Prof. H. Kumakura Invited by IEE as a Visiting Professor [2009-08-05]
·Superconducting Specialist Professor Baorong Ni visited IEE [2009-08-05]