Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


·A Chinese Scientist announced as winner of 2019 ESAS Award for Excellence in Applied Superconductivity [2019-08-15]
·The Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS and Nature Sources Canada jointly hosted the 4th Mission Innovation IC#1 Smart Grids Deep-Dive Workshop [2019-07-17]
·2018 International Workshop on Superconducting Materials for Applications was held in IEE [2018-10-17]
·The Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS and the Swedish Energy Agency jointly hosted the 3rd Mission Innovation IC#1 Smart Grids deep-dive Workshop [2018-10-09]
·Yunnan Luxi ± 350kV/1000MW VSC-HVDC Back to Back Asynchronous Interconnected Grid Project has been put into operation [2016-09-05]
·The IEE Successfully Passed the Acceptance Check for Beijing Municipal Engineering Laboratory Innovation Capability Construction Project [2016-03-29]
·Test Laboratory of Solar Thermal Power System of IEECAS Officially Launched [2016-02-29]
·Superconducting experts from Tohoku University and Kyushu University visited IEECAS [2015-12-02]
·Prof. Xiao Liye Joined the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee as a Member [2015-10-09]
·Prof.Li Quan Visited IEECAS [2015-09-06]
·Prof. Xiaolin Wang Visited IEECAS [2015-06-04]
·Prof. Simon Furbo Visit IEECAS [2015-05-25]
·The Delegation of the National Legislative Assembly of the Kingdom of Thailand Visited IEECAS [2015-04-26]
·Dr.Xin Tu Visited IEECAS [2015-04-16]
·PV Scientists and Entrepreneurs from Thailand Visited IEECAS [2015-03-10]
·Prof. Rene Flukiger Visited IEECAS [2014-12-04]
·Scientists from Institute for Materials Research (IMR), Tohoku University visited IEECAS [2014-10-20]
·The China-United States-Australia Seminar on CSP Technology was held at IEECAS [2014-10-08]
·SolarPACES 2014 conference held successfully in Beijing [2014-09-26]
·The Conversion Efficiency of Sputtered CdTe Thin Film Solar Cells Reach 14.4% [2014-06-16]