Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences
About Us

About Us

The Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEE) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was proposed in 1958 and established in 1963 in Beijing. It is a national research institution oriented to the development of electrical science and engineering, and the only institute whose main research direction is electrical engineering in CAS, and occupies an important position in the energy and electrical fields of China. 
At present, the IEE has been constructed into a scientific research base mainly for the research of renewable energy technologies, new electric power technologies, frontier inter-discipline subjects of electrical science. So far, IEE has carried out a series of fruitful studies in the fields of renewable energy power generation, multi-energy complementary micro-grid and grid connection, power electronics and efficient energy transformation, the application of superconducting and new materials in electric power and energy conservation, and bioelectromagnetic technology and electromagnetic detection. Currently, the IEE is playing an important role in promoting the development of national economy and the energy system transformation, and it has become a strategic backbone of innovations in related areas of China and an influential research institution among its international counterparts.

Up to now, the IEE has acquired nearly 500 scientific achievements, and has been granted more than 100 awards from the State, CAS and other ministries. More than 100 achievements have been promoted and applied in industries and other scientific research departments. The IEE is contributing to enhancing China’s level of electric power production and electric equipment manufacturing, and to promoting the international competitiveness of China in aspects of advanced technologies of electrical engineering and energy.
In recent years, according to the guiding principle in the new era, the institute has been making innovations to better satisfy the strategic requirements of China’s energy technological development and further promote the growth of electrical science and technology. Furthermore, it has made rapid progress in various fields by planning new developing strategies, setting new scientific targets, enhancing the building of talents and culture, reinforcing the deployment in the research fields of solar photovoltaic technology, solar thermal power generation (CSP) and solar heat utilization, renewable energy distributed utilization and grid connection technology, evaporative cooling technology and its application, efficient power transformation and power saving technology.
In the new historical period, under the background of new energy and technological revolutions, the IEE will continue to play the key role in promoting China’s energy transformation and the development of strategic emerging industries and related electrical science disciplines by capitalizing on its fundamental advantages and solving a series of major sci-tech problems that affect the sustainable energy development of China as well as the frontier and interdisciplinary electrical problems in order to drive the development of relevant technologies and industries.