Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences
International Conferences

International Conferences

·General-secretary of SolarPACES Executive-committee Visited IEECAS [2014-05-23]
·Dr. Jack Ekin Gives Seminar at IEE [2010-11-15]
·Educative seminar on superconductivity and low-temperature experiments by Dr. Jack EKIN [2010-10-20]
·2010 Sanya Int'l CSP Forum Held [2010-08-25]
·The 13th International Conference on Megagauss Magnetic Field Generation and Related Topics Opens in Suzhou [2010-07-14]
·The First Round Call of 2010 Sanya International CSP Forum [2009-09-04]
·2009 Sanya International CSP Forum(Drafted Brochure) [2009-09-04]