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Int’l Cooperation News

Int’l Cooperation News

Two technicians of IBIDEN Visited Solar Thermal Power Plant

Two technicians of IBIDEN Co. Ltd of Japan have visited the solar thermal power plant of IEECAS in Yan Qing from May 12th to 15th 2015. This visitation was according to the project agreement “Joint Research and Development Agreement between Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences and IBIDEN Co., Ltd.”.

The project agreement was about to test the heat transfer performance of the honeycomb thermal storage equipment which was developed by IBIDEN Co. Ltd. In order to test the heat transfer performance of honeycomb thermal storage equipment, IEECAS has been set up a high temperature air thermal storage system which is consisted of fan, high temperature furnace, honeycomb thermal storage equipment, flow rate, thermocouple and pressure drop sensor. And also use high temperature air, which provided by the high temperature furnace, as heat transfer fluid.

Our researchers and the two Japanese technicians worked together for three days including installing the new TES device and doing the whole thermal performance testing. Through the testing, it can be seen that the heat transfer performance of the new TES device was operating well.