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Upcoming Events

A lecture was given by IEEE distinguished lecturer Steven Gold at the IEE

Professor Steven H. Gold, who is the IEEE fellow, the APS fellow and the IEE distinguished member, was invited to the IEE, CAS to give an academic lecture named ‘Development of a high average current thermionic injector for an Energy Linac’ on the morning of August 3rd. The lecture was directed by Dr. Cheng Zhang. More than ten researchers from the IEE and Tsinghua University attended the lecture.

Professor Gold demonstrated the operating principle of RF acceleration and thermionic electron gun in linac system and made detailed reports on thermionic emission mechanism in linac and related experimental results. In the experiment, the electron beam was generated by an energy recovery linac (ERL) to improve the overall device efficiency, which used RF cavities to accelerate the electron bunches produced by an electron injector up to the energy required for the ERL interaction. And then, following the interaction, the electron beam was circulated through the same RF cavities to decelerate the electron bunches in order to recover most of the energy of the spent electron beam. At the end of the report, Professor Gold and participants discussed the design of the Faraday cup and the detection mechanism of high-energy electrons. This report has expanded the specialized knowledge and provided new scientific research thought for the related scientific researchers, which received widespread praise.

    Professor Steven H. Gold retired in 2016 from his position as Senior Scientist for Radiation Generation Physics in the Beam Physics Branch of the Plasma Physics Division at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), where he had worked since receiving his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Maryland in 1978. He is currently working as a consultant in the areas of plasma science and accelerator physics. He has published 70 articles in refereed journals and 115 papers in conference proceedings. He also holds 6 US patents and 2 Statutory Invention Registrations. Dr. Gold has been involved with the activities of the Executive Committee of the NPSS Plasma Science and Applications Committee since 1990, including three 3-year terms as an elected member, two years as Vice-Chair, and the past sixteen years as Secretary. He was an Associate Editor of the IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. for twenty years (1988–2007). He has served on the program committee of the IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS) on a number of occasions, as Technical Program Chair of ICOPS 2011 in Chicago, and as Treasurer of ICOPS/BEAMS 2014 in Washington, DC. He is currently serving his third 4-year terms on the NPSS Administrative Committee (AdCom), and chairs its Chapters and Local Activities Committee. He is a Fellow of the IEEE (1996) and the American Physical Society (1998), and served for four years on the IEEE Fellow Committee (2008–2011). In recognition of his activities, he received the 2008 NPSS Richard F. Shea Distinguished Member Award ‘for outstanding contributions to the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society and its Plasma Science and Applications Technical Committee’.