Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research Progress

Research Progress

·Researchers Develop New Material and High-temperature Solar Reactor for H2 Production [2023-06-30]
·A novel technology for heavy oil conversion using pulsed discharge plasma [2023-05-22]
·Generation of world-record 32.35 Tesla with an all-superconducting magnet [2019-12-09]
·A Superconducting Magnet with Large Cross-Warm-Bore was Developed [2017-05-15]
·An Ultrafast Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis Technique Offers Scalable Routes for the Fabrication of Graphene for Supercapacitors with Superior Power Density [2017-01-05]
·The world’s first 100 meter-class iron-based superconducting wire was developed [2016-11-02]
·Yunnan Luxi ± 350kV/1000MW VSC-HVDC Back to Back Asynchronous Interconnected Grid Project has been put into operation [2016-09-05]
·IEE is taking the domestic leading position in achieving a 24 T all superconducting magnet [2016-05-19]
·The First Traceable metrology scanning electron microscope system in China is developed [2016-04-20]
·The IEE Successfully Passed the Acceptance Check for Beijing Municipal Engineering Laboratory Innovation Capability Construction Project [2016-03-29]
·The Conversion Efficiency of Sputtered CdTe Thin Film Solar Cells Reach 14.4% [2014-06-16]
·Achievements in developing high performance iron-based superconducting wires [2014-06-13]
·Stockings Battery Birth [2014-05-08]
·Project of Solar Thermal Power Technology and System Demonstration Accepted [2012-08-15]
·Big Progress in CdTe Polycrystalline Thin Films [2012-08-15]
·Progress in superconducting magnet technology achieved by IEE-CAS [2010-04-14]
·Fabrication of Iron-based Superconducting Wires [2009-07-22]
·Successful Synthesis of Magnetic γ-Fe2O3 Nanotubes in High Magnetic Field [2009-07-22]
·An International PCT Patent Applied [2009-07-22]
·Research Team of Electromagnetic Bioengineering [2009-07-22]