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Academic actvities

Academic actvities

Experts from SuperPower Inc. were invited to IEE-CAS to give a talk


Dec. 13 2007, Senior Materials Scientist - Dr. Xie Yiyuan and Sales Manager - Mr. Jorge Jimenez from SuperPower Inc. were invited to the Key Lab of Applied Superconductivity, IEE-CAS to make a report "2G HTS Wire Produced in Pilot-scale Manufacturing at SuperPower and Application in Prototype Devices". The seminar was organized by Professor Qiuliang Wang. A number of researchers and graduate students attended the meeting and discussed the fabrication technology of second-generation HTS wire with Dr. Xie Yiyuan and Mr. Jorge Jimenez.
SuperPower was formed by Intermagnetics in March 2000 to provide a strong focus on the development and commercialization of HTS technology. The timing has been particularly appropriate in view of the nation's aging utility infrastructure, which needs replacing, and deregulation, which will drive utilities to seek more efficient, cost-effective devices. The second-generation (2G) HTS wire and the associated devices that are under development at SuperPower address these needs. Electric power devices based on HTS are expected to provide enormous advantages over conventional, copper-based devices.