Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research Progress

A Superconducting Magnet with Large Cross-Warm-Bore was Developed

Supported by the National Major Scientific Equipment R&D Project ‘High-field Device with Steady-state’, Prof. Qiuliang Wang’s group from Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences has successfully developed the first domestic conduction-cooled split-gap superconducting magnet system with large cross-warm-bore. The static magnetic fields generated in both horizontal and vertical directions of the cross-warm-bore (100 mm) are 8-10 T.

    The split gap of the cross-warm-bore superconducting magnet system is 134mm, and the maximum magnetic field in the superconducting magnet is 13.5 T, in which the maximum electromagnetic force between the coils can reach 235 tons. To reduce the negative influence of ultra-high electromagnetic force on the superconducting coils, an optimal design of the electromagnetic - mechanical - heat transferring structure is adopted through optimizing the mechanical structure and heat transferring system. The heat load of the superconducting magnet system is 1 ton, and Prof. Qiuliang Wang’s group successfully cooled the complex structure with large volume from room temperature to ultra-low temperature of 3.8 K by conduction-cooled technology, which ensures the system could be operated stably. The conduction-cooled technology used in the superconducting magnet system could help the users get rid of limitation of liquid helium or nitrogen.

    The high field superconducting magnet with large cross-warm-bore not only supply a large space with strong magnetic field, but also help the scientists observe the tested samples in real time. It could be widely used in the areas of material processing, magneto-optics and magneto-chemistry. At present, the system has been passed the test from related experts, and the main technical specifications have reached the design requirements. The achievement of the split-gap superconducting magnet with large cross-warm-bore represents that China takes a leading position in construction of high field superconducting magnet with complex structure.