Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research Progress

Research Team of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

  With its rapid development in recent years, magnetic resonance technology, a new technology developed across the fields of physics, information and cybernetics, is widely applied in material structural analysis, medical treatment, and underground resource prospecting. As well as the non-destructive online evaluation for chemical combination,food,and farm produce Since 1980s, IEECAS has studied MRI (MagnetIc Resource Imaging )techniques and successfully developed the first permanent magnet for MRI system and AMS permanent magnet system used in precise measurement of electrical particles in space. These Magnets are successfully applied in NMR imaging system for medical treatment and research on aerospacescience, winning two first prizes of Scientific and Technological Progress Award issued by CAS and two second prizes of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award. Recently it has also successfully developed C-shape open NMR permanent magnet and C-shape open NMR imaging system for medical treatment. At present, the team is studying the key technology and equipment for low-field NMR detection .