Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research Progress

Research Team of Electron Beam Lithographic Technology

  Electron-beam lithographic technology is one of the key technologies in microelectronic equipment. Since 1970s, IEECAS has studied it and successfully developed four kinds of electron-beam lithographic machines most important for development of special microelectronic equipment in the world. During the period of 6th and 7th Five-Year Plans, the first micron variable-shaped electron beam lithographic machine in China was developed successfully. During the period of the 8th Five-Year Plan, the micron variable-shaped electron beam lithographic machine was put into use in the microelectronic production lines. During the period of the 9th Five-Year Plan, the first prototype of 0.1 μm electron beam lithographic machine which can fabricate the thinnest line of 80 nm width was successfully developed, signifying a new high of China's development in electrical beam lithographic machine. The achievement has won two second prizes and a third prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award issued by CAS. The research team has many advanced experiment facilities, for example, the large-scale sophisticated measuring equipment, variable-shaped electrical beam lithgraphic machine, laser interferometer, optic measurer of line width, scanning electron microscope and all-purpose instrurnent microscope. At present, the team undertakes the important intellectual innovation projects of CAS, Study on Nano Electron Beam Projection lithographic system and Study on Practical Application of Nano electron Beam lithographic system.