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An academic speech “Thermal Analysis of Power Electronic and Electrical Assemblies and The Cooling Solutions” was given

On Sep. 9th, Prof. Adrian Traian Plesca made presentation at the 703 Lecture Room, on the topics of “Thermal Analysis of Power Electronic and Electrical Assemblies” and “High Breaking Capacity Fuses with Improved Cooling” This lecture was presided over by Prof. Guoqiang Zhang, and more than 20 researchers and postgraduates attended the meeting.

Adrian Traian Plesca is the Professor of Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi. His achievements include Knight of the International Order of Merit of the Inventors, 2014; Gold Prize – Seoul International Invention Fair, Korea, 2011; Bronze Medal – 2nd World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2011; Diploma and Genius Medal - 2nd International Invention Exhibition, Ljubljana, 2010; Bronze Medal - 2nd International Exhibition of Inventions in Slovenia, 2010; Gold Medal - 4th International Warsaw Invention Show IWIS, 2010. He published 9 books, more than 100 papers, and twenty patents. His researches focus on monitoring and diagnose of electrical equipment, thermal analysis and protection of power electronics.

After the brief introduction of Romania and his university, Prof. Plesca first addressed the thermal issues that commonly exist in power electronics. Surrounding the issues, he introduced his achievement of thermal simulation, analysis and measurement for various power electronics modules. Since the commercial software to simulate thermal performance is time-consuming, he discussed his ideas about model simplification, simulation technique and measurement validation. Regarding the second topic, Prof. Plesca put forward the cooling solutions for high breaking capacity fuses, and discussed the 3D modelling and simulations of the cooling systems.

At the end of the presentation, Prof. Han Li, the assistant to Director of our institute, granted Prof. Plesca the “Visiting Fellowship under CAS PIFI” certificate. Prof. Plesca also replied the questions raised from the attendees. This presentation made out researchers a comprehensive understanding of the thermal analysis of power electronics and the cooling solutions on high breaking capacity fuses.