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Prof. Qiuliang Wang Wins NFSC’s Distinguished Young Scholars

The project “Complex Ultra-high Magnetic Field Superconducting Magnet Science and Technology” taken by Prof. Qiuliang Wang from IEECAS recently got the first place in a NFSC review meeting holding in Nanchang. This meeting, organized by materials science and engineering division of NFSC, was to review the outstanding youth fund projects of NFSC and awarded distinguished young scholars.


The expert group concluded that this project had gained the innovative results in the field of superconducting magnet. In the project, the quasi three dimensional magnetic heat diffusional porous medium fluid-heat-electromagnetism coupling model with supercritical helium cooling was set up; the high speed heat fluid and subsonic speed approximate model during transient evolution in the supercritical helium cooling magnet was presented; the solving method of the large scale electromagnetism problems were studied; and the high magnetic field science instruments were researched. The theories, methods and techniques from the project have been applied in many fields such as large scientific facilities, defense equipment, precision science instrument and super high field MRI. Thus, good social and economic benefits were achieved.