Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research Divisions

Department of the Frontiers in Electrical Engineering

  Electrical engineering is one of the technical sciences with long history which has been contributing greatly to national economy. Its extensive intersection and cooperation with other disciplines, such as life science, material science, nanotechnology and information technology, leads to a variety of new prospective directions, and benefits itself as well. Based on the achievements of the Institute of Electrical Engineering in the past, this department is aimed for the innovative concepts and the pioneering research in electrical engineering. At present this department is mainly engaged in the research on advanced power generation and transmission, the application of electromagnetic technology in petroleum investigation and other industrial purposes, Electric Machines and Electric ApparatusEnergy Conservation technologies and energy transition based on smart material. The on-going research projects are listed as follows: polymer power generation, wireless power transfer via coupled resonances, array magneto-acoustic tomography for well-logging (sponsored by  National High-tech R&D Program ,or 863 Program ), preliminary study on three dimensional anisotropic biological magnetic induction tomography (sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, NSFC), contactless magneto-acoustic tomography based on one component of Lorentz force density, theoretical study on magnetic resonance magnetic induction tomography and inductive magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography, low frequency cross-well electromagnetic tomography in steel-cased wells (NSFC), and controlled source electromagnetic technology in marine exploration.