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Academic actvities

International Lecture Notice: Introduction to Superconducting Magnet Technology and Selected Applications [09:30am, October 27, 2017]

TITLE: Introduction to Superconducting Magnet Technology and Selected Applications -Prefaced with a Brief History of Magnetism and Magnet Technology


DATE: 09:30am, October 27, 2017. 


ADDRESS: The 703 meeting room of Building 1


SPEAKER: Prof. Yukikazu Iwasa

Prof. Yukikazu Iwasa, is Head and research professor at the Magnet Technology Division (MTD), Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory (FBML), Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC), Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He graduated with Bachelor, Master, and PhD degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research includes LTS and HTS magnet technology (stability and protection; mechanical; AC losses; monitoring; manufacturing; field-shimming; cryogenic engineering, including solid cryogen); high-field (>1-GHz) LTS/HTS NMR magnets; liquid helium-free NMR and MRI magnets. In 2011, Centennial Year of the Discovery of Superconductivity, he got the IEEE Award for Continuing and Significant Contributions in the Field of Applied Superconductivity.



I begin reviewing a nearly 3000-year history of human involvement in magnetism and its applications, which since the late 1990s prominently include high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnets. I then move on to discuss superconducting magnet technology, selecting several, but not all, key design and operation issues. I conclude my presentation by summarizing the superconducting magnet programs we at the FBML are currently engaged.