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Academic actvities

Academic actvities

International Lecture Notice [9:00am, April 13, 2017]

TITLE: Plasma chemical engineering for bioenergy applications


DATE: 9:00am, April 13, 2017. 


ADDRESS: The 703 meeting room of Building 1


SPEAKER: Xin Tu, Professor




Non-thermal plasma has been regarded as a promising and attractive technology for the low temperature synthesis of higher value fuels and chemicals from low value feedstock. The coupling of plasma and catalysts has great potential to generate a synergistic effect, which can activate catalysts at low temperatures and improve the activity and stability of the catalysts, resulting in the remarkable enhancement of reactant conversion, selectivity and yield of end-products, as well as the energy efficiency of the process.

In this talk, different plasma sources (dielectric barrier discharge, gliding arc and rotating gliding arc) will be used for the following two bioenergy applications: i) removal of tars from the gasification of biomass waste; ii) reforming of biogas into value-added fuels and chemicals.