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As a national scientific research center, the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IEECAS) focuses on high-tech and cutting-edge R&D in the electrical engineering field. IEECAS has played a unique role in the development of electrical engineering science in China since its founding in 1958.

IEECAS is engaged in a wide range of research activities aimed at developing electrical engineering, improving the technical level of power generation and electrical equipment manufacturing, and developing emerging high-tech industries. The institute lays particular emphasis on innovation in electrical engineering theory and cross-disciplinary work between electrical engineering and other areas. The mission of the institute is to meet the country's research demands related to energy and power and contribute to cutting-edge electrical science development.

IEECAS has consistently been a pioneer in electrical engineering in China, pushing the field forward. During its early years, the institute studied key technical problems such as power system stability, large electrical machines, high voltage technology, power system automation, and electrical measurement. Moreover, it took the lead in initiating R&D on electrical discharge machining technology and magneto-hydrodynamic power generation, making great contributions to the development of the country’s power system and electrical equipment manufacturing, while promoting China’s international competitiveness in electrical engineering.

During the past 10 years, IEECAS has initiated many advanced basic research projects and built a number of the world’s leading demonstration projects in the areas of large electric generator evaporative cooling technologies, applied superconducting technologies, renewable energy technologies, smart grid technologies and power electronics technologies. It also developed several cutting-edge interdisciplinary technologies, such as bioelectromagnetic technologies, electromagnetic detection technologies and micro/nanofabrication technologies. Furthermore, it has developed numerous high-tech products, such as advanced medical equipment, advanced electrical drives, special electromechanical equipment and green energy devices. So far, the institute has produced more than 500 achievements in scientific research, over 100 of which have been applied to industry and national defense. In addition, it has received over 100 national, ministerial and CAS awards.

International cooperation has always been important to the institute. Over the years, IEECAS has conducted extensive cooperation and academic exchange with the United States, Canada, France, Denmark, Australia, Japan and 20 other countries and regions around the world. Over the last five years, the institute has successfully hosted more than 10 large-scale international conferences concerning electromagnetic fields, magneto-hydrodynamic power generation, electrical systems, renewable energy, electrical drives, applied superconductivity and cryogenic engineering.

IEECAS has six research departments devoted, respectively, to renewable energy, power electronics and power conversion, new technology for power equipment, DC power grids, superconductors and new materials, and bioelectromagnetic and electromagnetic detection. In addition, a multidisciplinary research center is under preparation.

At the end of 2013, IEECAS had 46 professors, including Prof. YAN Lvguang, a CAS academician, and Prof. GU Guobiao, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering; 113 associate professors; and 294 additional technical, administrative and support personnel. The institute is authorized to grant M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering and M.A. degrees in biomedical engineering. The institute currently has 277 students.

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