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International Projects

International Projects

Technical workshop with Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Technical workshop between DTU and IEE CAS has been successfully held in CSP research center, Yangqing County on October 16, 2014. The main purpose of this conference is to promote future cooperation, and thus DTU and IEE participants introduced their current research work in detail separately. In the morning session, DTU participants gave detail presentations on the current research work on solar heating, including the research on seasonal heat storage, solar space heating technologies in Denmark, and the fabric stratification device. While in the afternoon session, IEE participants showed around solar power plant in Yanqing county, and continually, introduced their research work on medium temperature and the low temperature solar technologies.

DTU and IEE CAS has already conducted cooperation on dynamic test method of the solar water collectors, supported by RED Program, and the dynamic thermal system design of the rural housing in China, supported by China & EU Cooperation Program. Take advantage of two sides, DTU and IEE CAS has plan to continue research on solar space heating, especially in large-scale thermal storage and the according solar heating system. To promote further cooperation, student exchange is going to be continued. Besides that, pilot projects of the centralized solar heating in China would be probably the next significant collaboration domain in the near future.