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International Conferences

Educative seminar on superconductivity and low-temperature experiments by Dr. Jack EKIN

Educative seminar on superconductivity and low-temperature experiments by Dr. Jack EKIN for young scientists and students

Co-organized by IEE-CAS and VAMAS-TWA16

We announce proudly that Dr. Jack EKIN (NIST, Univ. of Colorado, the author of a famous text book on low-temperature experiments; “Experimental techniques for low-temperature measurements,” Oxford Univ. Press, 2006, 2007) will give his lectures on superconductivity and low-temperature experiments.

We are expecting young scientists and students who work and/or are interested in the field of superconductivity and low-temperatures to join this seminar. We also welcome experienced scientists who have interests in these fields, This seminar is partly supported by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) Strategic International Cooperative Program.

Prof. Guomin ZHANG (IEE-CAS) and Dr. Hitoshi KITAGUCHI (VAMAS-TWA16, NIMS)

Date: 26(Tue.) and 27(Wed.), October, 2010

Venue: IEE-CAS (Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences,

Beijing, China)

Topic 1 (Introductory): Superconductors for the Power Grid, Alternative Energy, Accelerators, and Advanced Medical Systems An introduction to superconductivity is presented, with emphasis on practical power superconductors for energy, accelerator, and medical applications. Topics include the fabrication of practical superconductors and the role of electromechanical properties in superconductor performance. Recent applications will be described including the power grid, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, high energy physics accelerators, and the very recent development of superconducting proton cancer treatment facilities. This is an introductory lecture intended for a general audience.

Topic 2 (Technical): Design Techniques for Cryogenic Measurement Apparatus A step-by-step approach to the design and construction of low temperature measurement apparatus is presented, based on the recent textbook Experimental Techniques for Low Temperature Measurements (Oxford Univ. Press, 2006, 2007). An overview is presented on techniques for cryostat design, heat-transfer calculations, construction techniques, selection of materials, wiring, thermometry, sample mounting techniques, and superconductor contact technology.