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International Conferences

International Conferences

2010 Sanya Int'l CSP Forum Held

Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) co-organized the annual Sanya International Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Forum on 17-19 August in Sanya city, Hainan province.



The forum attracted over 300 participants from home and abroad, including government officials, researchers and corporation representatives. CAS academician XU Jianzhong and Dr. Yong-Heack Kang, deputy of Korea Institute of Energy Research, addressed the opening ceremony respectively.


 Exchange during the conference

During the forum, the participants delivered reports and exchanged reviews on the topics covering related technologies, system design, commercialization and national policy of CSP.


In addition, the special reports on 973 Program of CSP and Strategic Alliance for Solar Thermal Industry were presented to acquaint the participants with the research status of CSP and the integration between advanced technologies and industrialization.


CSP had showed great promise with its distinct advantages. According to International Energy Agency, CSP would provide the world with 11% of the total power at 20-25% of the current cost by 2050. Hence many countries including China attached great attention to it.


 Theme report by Dr. Yong-Heack Kang

The Ministry of Science and Technology of China had been highly concerned about CSP and strengthened independent R&D on it during the “11th Five-Year Plan”. So far, China had formed the preliminary industrial chain of CPS and mastered the main technologies for CPS, paving the way for CPS’s industrialization and commercialization.


All the participants unanimously recommended bringing CSP into the “12th Five-Year Plan” to promote the commercialization of CSP in a comprehensive way.