Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


Renewable Energy Resources
In order to meet the state’s demand for large and special type power generation equipments, high-power impulse power supply and superconducting electrical MHD propulsion, this department focuses on the research and development of key technologies, such as advanced manufacturing technology of power equipment, electromagnetic protection, power sources for special purpose, new type propulsion system and large power generation facilities.
Evaporative Cooling Technology
The institute has been a global leader for its creative concept of normal-temperature and self-recycling evaporative cooling, and owns a series of key technologies of large electric machines evaporative cooling and the independent intellectual property rights of evaporative cooling technologies. Since 1970s, through cooperation with industrial departments, it successfully developed the 1.2MW, 50MW evaporative cooling steam turbine generators and 10MW, 50MW, 400MW evaporative cooling water turbine generators, making great contributions to the development of electric machine and power industries in our country. The institute has gained several state and academy/ministryt-level awards. Furthermore, it has  established a lot of perfect research and experiment conditions, for example, the sole large electric machine evaporative cooling technology laboratory in our country and other experiment devices, such as the experiment platform for full-scale internal cooling windings of 200MW steam turbine generator equipped with forced-recycling system, the experiment platform for full-scale windings of 400MW evaporative cooling water turbine generator equipped with self-recycling system and 1.2MW stator & rotor dual evaporative cooling steam turbine generators. The ongoing scientific researches include: the technical platform of evaporative cooling steam turbine generator and water turbine generator,  the pilot assembly  of  300MW  evaporative cooling turbine generator,  700MW evaporative cooling water turbine generator and their demonstrative application in the construction of some important state owned power stations.
High Voltage & Pulsed Power Technology
For many years, the Institute has been regarding the high voltage & pulsed power technologies and their application frontline as the important research orientation. As a result, it got a series of important achievements in pulsed power technology and its application, and successfully developed the hydraulic electric shock wave lithotripter, electric spark seismic source in ocean deep-layer petroleum exploitation, impulse magnet pulse power source applied in synchrotron radiation devices,  and high voltage DC switches successively. These achievements have been effectively applied in medical equipment, lightning protection and oil extraction, and won several scientific & technological progress awards issued by CAS. The research team is equipped with 1MV High-Current Relativistic Electron Beam Generator, 20kV DC Voltage Generator, 250kV impulse Voltage Generator, 150kV AC Voltage Generator, 5kV-225kJ (300kA) surge current generator, 15kV--81kJ (180kAa) surge current generator, various wave generating devices, signal test system, experiment analysis and computerized simulation platform. The team is undertaking the research on high-power impulse power supply technology and its application in military affairs, communications, material sciences and life sciences. Current scientific research projects assigned to the research  team  include  the researches on  explosive MHD & flux compression Joint Power Generating Technology and high-Impulse power supply  of  superconducting explosive MHD power generation technology.
Superconducting Electrical MHD Propulsion Technology
Superconducting electrical MHD propulsion refers to a new technology where electrical power is converted to hydraulic energy and injection propeller takes the place of conventional propeller. Featured by low noise and easy controlit is of great value in application of special ship propulsion. Since 1996 the team has commenced on research of superconducting  MHD  propulsion  technology.  It developed successfully  the first experimental boat propelled by superconducting helical type MHD thruster in the world and won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award issued by Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2000. It has also built seawater recycling experiment device for research on hydraulic dynamics of MHD propeller and trial navigation pool for research on the overall performance of experimental boat. At present, it is doing key technologies and application research on superconducting MHD propulsion .